Current epostcode web services

This webservice contains support for the new license management code for use with the ePostcode client application
and also additional advanced search and google map functionality. Web services within deprecated service are also
include for backwards compatibility.

It also contains two web services that return the complete address dataset on search namely;

GetPremiseAddressesFromPostcode and GetPremiseAddressesFromPostcodeAndHouseNumber

These services will return premise address for a specific postcode and can be parsed client side to extract the necessary address information. Please note that a credit will be charged on activation of this web service and there is no need to return to the server to get full address details.

Deprecated Services
Date: 30/06/19 (deprecated)

Date: 30/10/13 (deprecated)

Date: 30/01/09 (deprecated)

Date: 30/08/07 (deprecated)